The stock market will go up—probably

Wall Street’s bull run isn’t quite finished, said David Kostin, chief market strategist at Goldman Sachs, which predicts the S&P 500 will rise by 10% in 2022, thanks to continued strength in corporate earnings and rising profit margins. Not everyone agrees, however. Morgan Stanley said the S&P will fall by 6% next year.

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The pot industry is busy planning
Business communities to remain allied
January might be especially slow
The tech sector will grow…elsewhere?
A new crop of restaurants replaces shuttered eateries
Cultural communities could collaborate more
Employees on alert
Many workers can expect fatter paychecks
Many employees are likely to be at their desks—most of the week
The end of federal dollars is a difficult blow to absorb
Almost 200,000 jobs could be back
The labor shortage should ease as soon as workers are ready to return


Dr. Zoom will see you now
Payment incentives are bound to spark health care innovations
Life will continue to take place outdoors


You might buy that self-driving car with Bitcoin
The stock market will go up—probably


421-a is endangered
Apartment rents probably will increase at the low end but stabilize higher up
An intense fight over new eviction rules loom
Independent hotels have an advantage
Negotiable rents expected to bring in new commercial tenants