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Jun 17, 2022 (Reportmines via Comtex) — While the biggest billionaires are competing for the top ten richest men in the world, investors may think to themselves on how they benefited from the downtrend that happened in 2020 because of the COVID-19.

Elon Musk, is now the richest man in the world caused by the Tesla shares increase in the past week. Bypassing Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who was the richest man since 2017.

When talking stocks, Tesla was among the top stocks to buy in 2021 along with Facebook shares, Amazon shares, Apple shares. Even indices like the NASDAQ and DowJones ( DJI ) and SP 500 had continued the all time high marathon.

In 2021, the US economy in addition to the stock market, will be tied to the vaccine and the stimulus packages and the support unemployment will get from the US government.

On the other hand, trading forex, short for foriegn exchange, is still one of the biggest financial markets with over 5 trillion dollars traded every day. Investors have a strong appetite for today’s rates on currency pairs and leveraged instruments like the EURUSD, USDJPY and even Oil and Gold.

Market analysts are now expecting “The Big Short” to be very soon, as the US dollar gets stronger towards a more stable political trend in the months to come.

Educating Investors on Stocks and Forex

Trading forex and stocks is becoming more and more popular in many countries and regions like the middle east.

Major financial news and review websites in the Middle East and the US, like aForextrust, had been increasingly providing forex brokers and platforms reviews, how to buy stocks in major companies like Tesla, Amazon, Apple or Facebook and many more.

How to buy shares on the American Stock Exchange?

There is no wonder why many investors and average savers seek to grow their income to eventually manage to maintain a passive income. The question is, how ?

Here is this tutorial I will explain how easy it is to own stocks in one of the mega companies like Apple and Facebook, and then have Mark Zukerzburg and Elon Musk and their teams work for you, by owning a share you will become a partner with them.

Choosing a trading broker:

Not many brokers are allowed to operate in the US because of the heavy regulations in the US and the NFA. The fact that a broker is licensed to operate globally and in the US is a big advantage compared to local brokers.

But a regulated broker or a regulated trading company is not enough, you also need to look into the commission, fees, instruments available for trading etc. and last but not least, you need experience.

What if you can have a broker to trade stocks, Forex and Bitcoin with. And pay zero commission and fees to trade with?
What if that broker can offer you a free service of copying his best traders and money makers even while asleep ?

Too good to be true? click here to start trading in minutes.

It’s worth mentioning here that the minimum deposit will mean a smaller investment and a low return, because of that we recommend a deposit of not less than 500$ to start with, and you can scale later.

Once you have registered you will be asked for documents to verify your identity then you’re good to go!

Choosing the shares to invest in:

As explained earlier, you have many options and instruments to choose from , maybe the best thing to do at first is to copy a profitable trader.

If you have a passion for one of the stocks you can buy Amazon or Facebook or Apple shares at no time. While these shares can reach up to $3000 per share ( like in Amazon ) it’s still possible to own part of the share or a fraction of it if you use a broker that allows that. That broker we chose for you does allow it.

Fourth: Diversify your investment portfolio:

Do not put all eggs in one basket, you can invest in multiple shares to reduce the risks and trade on fractions of the share, so why not use that?

Fifth: Choose the correct trading orders:

Many Brokerage firms provide investors with a number of different trading orders, such as stop loss orders, take profit orders, and pending orders to buy and sell when the rate reaches a certain price level.

Proper use of these orders is one of the most important tools for managing your investment and financial risks in the stock market.

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The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.