7-Year-Old Girl Explains Mutual Funds, Paytm CEO Vijay Sharma Reacts to It | Viral Video

Updated Oct 26, 2022 | 08:18 PM IST

Mutual funds investments have gained popularity in India over time. Not only adults but children, too, are keeping track of investing their money carefully. Paytm CEO Vijay Sharma was amazed by a Little girl’s strong financial knowledge. He shared a video captioned ‘Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’. This 7-year-old girl in the video, clearly explains what Mutual funds are. When her mother questions about risk & time period, She clarified all her doubts. The video was shared by her mother and has now gone viral. This interesting way of investing her Diwali’s Shagun amazed netizens. Watch this video to know more #paytmceo #vijaysharma #paytmceoreacts

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