Rocketize: A Community-based Cryptocurrency Like Chainlink and Bitcoin

Rocketize is a meme coin created on BNB Smart Chain to scale and deliver wealth to its investors. The common reasoning is that a human or society can’t develop with the necessary resources. At the same time, no one can obtain these resources without a means to grow.

Therefore, Rocketize provides the resources and means to grow through its robust community – Atomic Nation. The project aims to pull resources and use them for viable digital investments, primarily in the blockchain industry.

Like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Rocketize is primarily backed by memes. The crypto industry has seen an exceptional surge in the prices of meme coins in 2021. So, Rocketize plans to create an ecosystem similar to Dogecoin. Then, it will offer DeFi features like NFTs, staking, and liquidity farming so its token can remain stable.

In addition, Rocketize developers will utilize the coin’s name in reality. Rocketize is planning to expand its objective to outer space. It will create a space program that supports the endeavors of humanity in exploring outer space.

Rocketize Token

JATO is a meme coin running on the BEP-20 network. It has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, and the team burnt half of this supply in July 2022 by sending the tokens to a non-existing address.

Meanwhile, Rocketize will deduct a 2% tax on every JATO transaction. This tax will help to curb excess token supply, as half of the tax will go to a non-existing wallet. Also, Rocketize will distribute the other half to BEP-20 wallets holding JATO tokens.

In the future, Rocketize plans to burn another 20% of JATO’s supply (200 billion tokens). Next, the tax on JATO transactions will increase to 2.5%. Furthermore, innovations will help to build sustainable value for $JATO.

For instance, Rocketize is building an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell meme trading cards. It is also researching the possibility of seamlessly creating a platform where DeFi users can bridge tokens across multiple blockchains.

Rocketize vs. Chainlink

Chainlink is an oracle network providing real-time data for decentralized applications. In simpler terms, Chainlink provides data regarding prices of assets (crypto or commodities), weather forecast, sports data, etc.

Imagine a developer who is designing a decentralized crypto prediction platform. Chainlink makes his work easier because he doesn’t have to inboard the platform with an exchange.

Instead, he will only create a hybrid smart contract that copies the prices of cryptocurrencies from Chainlink in real-time.

Countless developers have benefited from Chainlink so far. For instance, the CEO of AAVE said – “Chainlink’s oracle is perfect because it reduces the work of developers. You don’t have to build everything by yourself.”

Rocketize vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrencies and the most valuable of them all. Bitcoin’s price has always determined whether the crypto market’s value will crash or increase.

Of the 21,400 cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin alone is worth about $370 billion. Currently, this value represents over 30% of the entire crypto market cap.

Bitcoin made the idea of decentralized money exchange a reality. Although some critics question Bitcoin’s mining model and proof-of-work, it remains the first choice for institutional investors and some retail traders.

Like Bitcoin, Rocketize is creating a meme coin that can retain its value for years. In addition, Atomic Nation can withstand any criticisms it faces because every innovation faces one criticism.

How to Buy JATO

  1. Visit Rocketize website

  2. On the homepage, click Enter Presale

  3. Enter your name, email, and mobile number

  4. Select the crypto you intend to deposit with among the available options and enter your purchase amount

  5. Register your account and complete your purchase.

It would help if you deposit and purchase $JATO immediately after registering your account. Why? Rocketize rewards buyers with 60% of their purchase amount for buying JATO tokens within 30 minutes of creating an account.

Moreover, Rockiwill reward buyers with an additional 8% bonus for buying JATO tokens during this presale stage. In the second and third presale rounds, buyers will receive 6% and 4% bonuses, respectively.

Closing Thoughts

JATO is a meme coin created for a rapid increase in value. Rocketize introduces mechanisms like burning the token and deducting taxes on transactions to achieve this aim. Investors who find this project worthy can join the Atomic Nation by purchasing JATO in the ongoing presale:



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