Intel, Apple share gains contribute to Dow's 525-point rally

Powered by positive momentum for shares of Intel and Apple, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is rallying Friday morning. Shares of Intel INTC, +9.54% and Apple AAPL, +7.64% have contributed around a quarter of the index’s intraday rally, as the Dow DJIA, +1.94% was most recently trading 524 points higher (1.6%). Intel’s shares are up $2.27 (8.6%) while those of Apple are up $10.46, or 7.2%, combining for an approximately 84-point boost for the Dow. Verizon VZ, +4.88%, Microsoft MSFT, +3.22%, and McDonald’s MCD, +3.51% are also contributing significantly to the gain. A $1 move in any of the Dow’s 30 components results in a 6.59-point swing.

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