Investments in Yakutia's logistics centers to be more than $16 million

YAKUTSK, October 28. /TASS/. Investments in new trade-logistics centers in Yakutia’s Arctic districts will be more than 1 billion rubles, the region’s Minister for Arctic Development and Northern Peoples’ Affairs Vladimir Chernogradsky said.

“Our task to 2025 is following: the trade-logistics centers will be organized in Yakutia’s all 13 Arctic districts,” he said. “Investments in this project will make 1 billion 35 million rubles ($16.9 million), including 914.3 million rubles ($15 million) from the federal budget.”

Two projects were implemented in 2021, he continued. “This year, we have started the construction of another five trade-logistics centers.”

In 2021, the region began working on trade-logistics centers, which will be used to store products, consequently cutting the share of transport expenses in retail prices. In 2021, such centers were opened in the Abysky and Ust-Yanksy districts.

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