NYC Retirement Systems gives participants insights into its investments

Participants in the New York City Retirement Systems now have a greater opportunity to see how the city pension system allocates its investments and how well those investments perform.

The city comptroller’s office recently launched an interactive website that tracks asset allocations and investment performance as far back as 2018 for each of the five pension funds in the $242.4 billion pension system.

“Increasing transparency around the assets that the comptroller’s office manages on behalf of the New York City Retirement Systems is a critical part of our work to guarantee that these funds will be there for public sector retirees for years to come,” said Brad Lander, comptroller and fiduciary for the five pension funds, in an news release earlier this month.

The asset allocation landing page provides information on investments by manager and asset class as well as specific investments. The asset performance dashboard includes performance data by fund and asset class.

Developing the interactive tool took several months, Shaquana J. Chaneyfield, a spokeswoman for Mr. Lander, said in an email.

“Detailed investment data was already made public in monthly and quarterly report PDFs uploaded to our website, but it was not easy to search, download, or compare in that format,” she wrote. “The goal here was to present the information in a user-friendly format for beneficiaries, trustees, and the public.”

The interactive dashboard was created by the comptroller’s bureau of asset management, which makes investments for the pension funds, and the comptroller’s bureau of information systems and technology.

The interactive dashboard was presented to the trustees of the five pension funds before being offered to participants, she said.

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