The best guns to collect as investments

The US has a well-documented history of gun violence. A mass shooting can happen anywhere at any time. For this reason, gun law is reviewed regularly. States also impose their own gun law with varying restrictions. Many require law enforcement do background checks before you’re allowed to own any gun.

Restrictions you may face include the type of weapon you’re allowed to own. Some states may let you own any type of gun. Others ban the ownership of specific guns, such as any classed as an assault weapon.

The National Firearms Act takes gun control one step further. Under the National Firearms Act buying a machine gun, shotgun, assault rifle, or other listed weapons requires registration with the federal government.

Although the National Firearms Act is intended to help reduce gun violence, opponents argue that this level of gun control is an invasion of privacy.

The bottom line is that whether you buy an expensive gun, antique gun, assault rifle, or any other type of gun, you must check all relevant laws, including local laws. For example, residents of New Jersey probably have different laws from residents of Texas.

If you don’t check applicable gun laws, then law enforcement might confiscate your weapons, and you could get a criminal record.

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