CMS Enterprises Changes Name to NorthStar Clean Energy as it Begins to Serve More Corporate Clients

NorthStar Clean Energy Serves General Motors and Other Large Corporate Clients Nationwide

JACKSON, Mich., Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CMS Enterprises announced today that it has taken on a new name that better positions it for growth in the clean energy space – NorthStar Clean Energy™.

NorthStar Clean Energy celebrated that transformation through an expanded partnership with General Motors. The automaker announced last week that it has reached its goal to secure enough renewable energy to power all its American manufacturing plants by 2025. That’s enabled significantly by General Motors purchasing approximately 600 megawatts of renewable energy from four NorthStar projects in three states.

“Organizations across the nation are setting decarbonization goals and need support and guidance to make those goals a reality. They need a partner who can access a suite of assets and products, and NorthStar Clean Energy is that partner,” said Brian Hartmann, NorthStar Clean Energy’s president. “Clients with decarbonization goals need a north star – a reliable, predictable, knowledgeable solution provider.”

NorthStar Clean Energy helps companies with ambitious sustainability targets decarbonize with custom energy and carbon reduction products, including renewable energy and negative carbon offsets. NorthStar Clean Energy works alongside its clients as one team to help meet their business and sustainability targets.

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“Sourcing renewable energy is a critical component of GM’s plans to decarbonize,” said Kristen Siemen, GM chief sustainability officer. “Our collaborations with NorthStar Clean Energy have been instrumental in supporting GM’s recent accomplishment of securing enough renewable energy to power our U.S. facilities by 2025, moving us even closer to our vision of a future with zero emissions.”

Underpinning NorthStar’s tailored decarbonization solutions is the development and operation of wind, solar, biomass, gas and energy storage assets throughout the United States.

The company today owns and operates 12 projects in Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas. Those include Aviator Wind, which counts Facebook and McDonald’s among its customers, and Northwest Ohio Wind, a power provider for General Motors. Founded in 1987, NorthStar Clean Energy is a wholly owned, unregulated subsidiary of CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS).

CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS) is a Michigan-based energy company featuring Consumers Energy as its primary business. It also owns and operates independent power generation businesses.

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