Saratoga Springs Budget: No increase for police, investments in public safety proposed

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City leaders in Saratoga Springs are crafting the 2023 fiscal year budget, with a proposal of $54.2 million dollar budget.

This is a 0.04% increase to last year’s adopted budget and is the first budget proposed by Mayor Ron Kim who took office in January of this year.

After several summers of violence, Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino has stated he’s satisfied with this summer’s crime rate in comparison to years past. 

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While the police department has been a big focus for Montagnino and the mayor, the department will not be getting any increases in funding for 2023. Their budget will stay the same with the exception of mandatory increases to health insurance and other things as part of union negotiation agreements. 

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The city is investing in a new area of public safety, a third fire hall on the East end of the city. Tonight at 5:30, reporter Emma Quinn breaks down what this means for taxpayers, and why the change in investment.

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