The 8 Best Coins to Invest in for 2023

The recent bear market has sent shock waves for both more traditional investments as well as cryptocurrency. However, there have been signs in the financial markets that central banks – and most importantly the Fed – will back off from aggressive rate hikes.

A less aggressive dollar would most likely boost the crypto market and see value investors start jumping in. Of course, before that happens, investors need to know the best coins to invest in. This article features 8 of the best crypto coins for 2023, including our pick for number one.

#1 Metacade – the First Community Metaverse Arcade

The number one spot goes to MCADE, the native token for the exciting new Metacade project. Metacade is a revolutionary project which is bringing disruptive ideas to the world of game-fi and the metaverse. The project is creating a Web3 hub for gamers and crypto fans to both play and collaborate on the latest blockchain gaming hits.

This project taps into two of the hottest sectors of cryptocurrency in the last bull market: P2E and the metaverse. Gamers coming onto the platform can actually earn for doing what they love most in an arcade – playing amazing games. There’s more than one way to earn, however, with Metacade rewarding users with MCADE whenever they write reviews, provide the latest alpha, and directly contribute value to the platform.

For the more passive investors, Metacade is also offering staking as an option for its MCADE token holders. When users stake their tokens, they are entitled to receive a proportion of the platform’s revenues, providing a lucrative incentive to keep MCADE on current portfolios and increase its value accordingly.

Developers are definitely going to be interested too. To attract the top gaming industry talent, Metacade is putting funding up for the very best titles in a system called Metagrants. Game developers will be able to submit their proposals on the platform, with winners being voted on by the Metacade community themselves.

This creates the incredible potential for a constantly evolving, fresh landscape of P2E titles published in the arcade, with guaranteed support from its community. The right P2E game can bring a stampede of new users and with Metacade hosting multiple, gamer-approved titles, it hugely increases the chances of a hit coming to fruition.

Metacade also plans to become a community-owned DAO in the future, with MCADE holders able to vote on the project’s direction. The ultimate goal is to build an extensive play-to-earn development hub, that fosters a real sense of community and ownership amongst its users.

MCADE is currently in its presale stages and now is an excellent opportunity for investors to jump in, before key exchange listings and a big marketing push. With the platform’s utility being based entirely on MCADE, it’s a token that’s sure to skyrocket soon.

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#2 Ethereum Classic – A Coin Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) emerged from the hard fork of Ethereum experienced many years ago. As such, ETC has always played second fiddle to the world’s second-largest crypto. In 2022, ETC saw a sizable rally as the Ethereum Merge upgrade came closer to completion.

Crypto miners using proof-of-work (PoW) can no longer use their mining rigs for ETH mining and ETC is the obvious destination. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin agreed that Ethereum Classic was the best destination for the miners and once the price of ETC picks up, mining activity can increase. Ethereum Classic soared to $133 last year and now trades around the $22 level. Knowing that there’s still a lot of potential for ETC to go on the upswing.

#3 Huobi Token – New Owner with Plans for Growth

Huobi Token (HT) is the native token of the Huobi exchange network. After the project announced a sale to new owners in October 2022, the coin nearly doubled in value. According to the owners, “the project is still in its early stage of development and there remains tremendous room for growth.”

With Tron founder Justin Sun recently added to Huobi’s global advisory board, investors can expect Huobi’s expansion into new countries, rising volumes, and a higher token price. The influence of Justin Sun could also mean a collaboration with the Tron network which could make this an even better option if it happens.

#4 Chiliz – The Sports Fan Token Hub

Chilliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency that powers the Socios platform. Socios is a hub for fan tokens and the project has signed up a growing number of the biggest names in football, including Manchester City, Juventus, Barcelona, and PSG. It’s also started branching out into other sports with a coin for the Sauber racing team, as well as rugby league teams.

It’s still early for crypto adoption and sports teams are seeing the benefit of the digital asset world. This could be a big deal in the future of the metaverse if fan tokens can provide access to a virtual stream of a football match inside a metaverse stadium.

#5 Tamadoge – Memes in NFT Form

Tamadoge (TAMA) is also looking to embrace the play-to-earn concept and add a meme element. The project is inspired by the Tamagotchi pet collectibles and the Dogecoin crypto fad. The project is launching 20,000 NFTs, which will be used for P2E metaverse games where players can earn TAMA coins.

TAMA was only listed on the OKX exchange and some lesser-known exchanges but was recently added to Uniswap. As with Metacade, investors need to get in at ground level on this coin and not wait for the adoption phase when the coin will have already left the station because if Tamadoge can muster some Doge-style coin hype the project could do very well. The coin surged during its initial release with a high of almost $0.20. It has since fallen to the $0.02 level and offers a better value entry for investors.

#6 Decentraland – The Metaverse Land Project

Decentraland (MANA) was an early mover into the metaverse and the coin did particularly well in 2021. Investors can buy the MANA coin on major exchanges and then swap it for LAND tokens. The LAND tokens are the utility for the virtual universe and they can be used to buy parcels of land. Developers can build almost anything they want, and some have hosted games, created casinos, and joined with other landowners to build a community.

During the last bull market, Decentraland sold a land parcel for a record $2.4 million. The project is not letting the current bearish atmosphere affect the building process and the project will soon host its second annual Decentraland Music Festival. The event will have more than 100 artists across 15 stages, including Ozzy Osbourne. On top of that, Facebook’s rebranding to Meta Platforms last year will bring competition to Decentraland but it can also be the event that brings metaverse adoption causing the price of MANA and LAND to soar.

#7 ENS – Simplified Crypto Transactions

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized technology based on the Ethereum blockchain that seeks a solution to using long crypto addresses for transactions. Users can get a single URL and host all of their key addresses under it. The ENS name comes from the technology’s similarities to the DNS system for websites. The platform utilises Ethereum’s smart contracts which makes it more secure, private, and resistant to censorship than DNS. For crypto newbies, it would also be more user-friendly to have an email-style short name, rather than long number addresses.  At the moment, the project has 2.6 million registered names and sells NFTs on a monthly basis at 50% of the volume of Apes and Punks. With that in mind, the project has the potential to creep further into the mainstream and make some good gains for investors with the ENS token.

#8 Wax – The Peer-to-Peer Asset Marketplace

In a recent report on the game-fi industry, Wax (WAXP) is seen as one of the leading chains for hosting games. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and its goal is to become the largest peer-to-peer marketplace for digital items, such as games and in-game collectibles. The community is growing at a steady pace and has over 400 million online gamers.

The project saw the value of WAXP soar during the NFT craze of 2021 and is well-positioned for the next bull run in collectibles. WAXP traded as high as $0.86 during the 2021 highs, but the coin has since slumped to only $0.08. That has been caused by the drop in sales for NFTs and the bear market. However, the coin is primed for recovery when the industry heats up again.

Why gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse?

The best crypto coins to invest in have largely been focused on gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse. A recent BGA report noted that 1.4 million crypto wallets are interacting with online games on a daily basis. That represents 49% of the entire industry. The Axie Infinity P2E game highlighted what is possible with the sector with the game reaching 2.7 million daily users at its peak. Those numbers still have room to grow as more gamers are drawn to blockchain-based games. When it comes to the metaverse, we mentioned the Facebook pivot but there are also numerous corporations already launching products such as Nike and Walmart. And you can expect that number to grow as user numbers and advertising potential grows. All of this together gives metaverse gaming the biggest growth potential.


After the bear market, investors are looking for the next best coins to invest in. The outlook is looking best for Tamadoge, Wax, and most especially Metacade. These projects are embracing the game-fi sector and offer strong pathways to mass adoption at a rapid pace.

Axie Infinity showed that with the right title and supportive token prices, it’s possible to attract 2.7 million daily users to the platform. That number can increase in the future as more and more people enter the metaverse.

Metacade, however, is the coin to look out for as it’s bringing a disruptive concept to an expansive market with its P2E arcade. This is why MCADE takes the top spot for coins to invest in for 2023. Currently in its presale stages, starting at 125MCADE for $1 – the price is set to rise to 50MCADE for $1 prior to public release, so time really is of the essence for those early birds out there.

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