Why should you invest in Morocco? Four reasons

There are at least four reasons to invest in Morocco now, according to Ali Seddiki, General Director of the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development.

Speaking last week via video at the Global Investment Forum in Morocco, Seddiki outlined the benefits of doing business in his country.

1 – Morocco is a stable, democratic country with a clear long-term vision, he said. 

“Political stability is ensured by our monarchy,” according to Seddiki,

2 – The country is strategically located at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and serves as a gateway to Africa. Morocco enjoys 50 free trade agreements, making it also a link to Europe, the United States and the rest of the Middle East.

3 – The Tanger Med port is the Mediterranean’s largest port, where it serves as a calling point for container shipping firms, including between Asia, Africa and Europe. 

4 – Stability. 

According to Seddiki, almost 40% of Morocco’s energy mix is from green energy and the country aims to move beyond 50% by 2030.

“Morocco attracts many international investors to implement renewable energy projects,” Seddiki said. 

Speech by Seddiki begins around 17 minutes.

Seddiki then called on the audience to help Morocco “transform these words into concrete action on the ground.

“Morocco has the ambition to go a step further while being most attractive to invest in in the region,” Seddiki concluded. “Morocco is living in momentum.”