Shandong Fangyuan Huizhong Announces Participation in the 108th National Sugar and Liquor Commodities Fair

SHANGDONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2023 / SPO Global Inc, (OTC PINK:SPOM) (“SPO Global Inc” or the “Company”), which operates Shandong Fangyuan Huizhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., announces today that Shandong Dongyuan will be invited to participate in the 108th National Sugar and Liquor Commodities Fair held in Chengdu, Sichuan, China from December to 14, 2023.
The company intends to send more than ten senior people to participate in this grand event and bring the latest equipment to the exhibition. They will be showcasing the latest equipment and technology on site, providing visitors with a first-class presentation and communication experience.

This trade fair is one of the highest standard events in China’s sugar and wine industry and aims to not only promote the exchange and development of the domestic sugar and wine industry, but also enhance the cooperation and connection between the industries. As a leading enterprise in the packaging equipment manufacturing industry, Shandong Fangyuan is not only committed to product research and development and industrial upgrading, but also actively participates in the communication and exchange between elites in the industry. This exhibition in Chengdu is an important measure for Fangyuan to actively respond to national policies, expand the market, and improve brand awareness, and it is also an effort to deeply participate in the development of the national sugar and wine industry.

The latest equipment that will be brought by Shandong Fangyuan to the exhibition is the company’s latest high-end automatic continuous stretch film equipment, which has applied for relevant patents. After years of research and development, Shandong Fangyuan has successfully developed a series of new stretch film equipment that meets market demand, high technical barriers, and high added value. In this exhibition, Shandong Fangyuan will not only display the latest equipment, but also provide detailed product introduction and technical support for customers who come to consult. In addition, Shandong Fangyuan will also focus on displaying the company’s technical research results in various fields, deeply discuss the current development trend of the food packaging equipment industry and show the company’s technical strength and technical research and development advantages.

Shandong Fangyuan’s equipment has been packed and personnel have been arranged. The Fangyuan team participating in this exhibition will fully cooperate with the preparations for the trade fair and provide efficient and professional services for exhibitors. Shandong Fangyuan’s exhibition logo is composed of “morality, quality and brand”, which symbolizes Fangyuan’s spirit of honesty and hard work.
On the road of future development, Shandong Fangyuan will continue to enrich product lines, improve product quality, constantly innovate, and strive for more market share. At the same time, it will actively participate in major industry exchanges and exhibition activities, with the help of high-quality resources and opportunities, to promote the rapid development of the company.

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