7 Best Cryptocurrencies On Reddit To Invest In 2023

The cryptocurrency market has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in 2022 but 2023 looks like it’s going to be different. The past few months have been defining for the crypto industry in many ways. This has seen the emergence of DeFi, NFTs, and various new cryptocurrency projects have added another layer of complexity to the crypto universe. 

Many investors have been looking for the best projects to invest in while being conscious of inflation hedges to manage the risk in their growth-heavy portfolios as interest rates go up. Recently, some exciting, promising projects have sprung up in the crypto ecosystem. This article looks at crypto projects like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, C+ Charge, RobotEra, and some other cryptocurrencies on Reddit that you should invest in. Highlighted below are the cryptocurrencies to watch out for. 

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7 Best Cryptos To Invest In 2023 According to Reddit

  1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG): Best Metaverse Crypto in the Market
  2. Fight Out (FGHT): A Revolutionary Move-to-Earn Crypto
  3. C+ Charge (CCHG): The Best Green Crypto to Buy 
  4. RobotEra (TARO): An Improved Sandbox-like Metaverse Crypto
  5. Calvaria (RIA): New Crypto Trading Card Game
  6. IOStoken (IOST): Ultra-Fast Blockchain Network.
  7. Theta (THETA): Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Network Project.

Let us now take a look at each of these cryptocurrencies one after the other, in detail. The information below will help readers understand why redditors deem these crypto coins worthwhile.

1. Meta Masters Guild:

As we all know, Redditors love to create buzz around buying and selling opportunities regardless of the market. The same holds true for crypto investing, where people are always on the lookout for a crypto that is on the verge of exploding. Meta Masters Guild is ranked first on this list for this reason, as well as several others that will be discussed further below.

Its presale started for the general public just a few months ago, and now, this presale phase has reached stage 4. Meta Masters Guild is offering its native token, MEMAG, at a reduced price, giving redditors and other market participants a run for their money. In just 3 days, MEMAG presale stage 5 will end, and that would mean another successful presale phase.

This ambitious project is on its way to becoming the Web 3’s largest mobile gaming guild. With a growing community, upcoming CEX listings post-presale, and many GameFi and Metaverse partnerships under wraps, Meta Masters Guild is a must-buy this year.

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2. Fight Out:

If you have been on Reddit for crypto enthusiasts, then you must have caught wind of the first Move-to-Earn project. The name of this unique crypto is Fight Out, and it is the brainchild of several industry veterans who have an impressive goal. This project and the team behind it have set out to reform the fitness industry by incentivizing users.

Usually, when someone joins a gym by subscribing to their services, they do not get any monetary benefits. But with Fight Out, all of that could change in an instant, as it rewards users for meeting their exercise and fitness goals. Currently, its native utility token, FGHT, is available via an ongoing presale. But what’s getting Redditors talking about FGHT is the 50% presale bonus.

The FGHT presale will be over in just two months, after which CEX listings will commence, carrying its price to cosmic levels. So buy now to avoid regretting it later.

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3. C+ Charge:

The growing concerns regarding global warming has resulted in a surge in the number of electric vehicle users. but this has caused a problem of its own. While there are several EV charging stations throughout the world, there are none that reward users. To fix this unfair situation, C+ Charge (CCHG) has emerged as a growing eco-crypto which is in presale.

Since its launch, CCHG has broken several records and it’s now just 2 months away from first CEX listing. Once the presale is over and CEX listings begin, the value and utility of CCHG will see a meteoric rise. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the chance of experiencing a record-breaking growth then buy CCHG now.


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4. RobotEra:

If you have been waiting for an improved metaverse project that has an ambitious plan to surpass even Sandbox, then RobotEra is for you. Redditors have been singing praises for this project since the day of its launch, and once you read its whitepaper, you will understand why. As a robot-themed metaverse set in an expansive virtual reality space, users will be able to rebuild not only their planet but also find a community to interact with.

The reason why it’s the right time to get involved in RobotEra is that its native token TARO is available at a steal price. After wrapping up Stage 1, TARO prices will increase, and this will repeat until the conclusion of the presale. So connect your wallet and buy TARO now.


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5. Calvaria:

Calvaria is the newest blockchain trading card game about to hit the markets in a few months. It’s designed by a team of expert blockchain developers who also share a passion for trading card games. Therefore, it’s made according to the best practices, which is what makes it one of the most anticipated new projects on the market.

The game itself has two different versions. The first version is completely free, and you can download it from the Play Store. However, its primary goal is to motivate players to adopt the P2E blockchain version and earn RIA tokens while playing. The second version uses play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, allowing successful players to generate RIA tokens for free. 


5. Iost (IOST):

This is a unique crypto project with a digital cryptocurrency that has developed a reputation for being super-fast. This project was developed to become the backbone for future online services and aims to provide a solution for high-end companies to include blockchains in their network. The native token of this project is IOST, which users can stake and trade within the network.

6. Theta:

Theta is another high-performing crypto project you should consider in 2023. Theta is a video delivery platform that uses a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain. The main advantage of this platform is that it is much cheaper to stream through the Theta network than other centralized infrastructures. Also, the network uses an open-source protocol, enabling anyone to build on the Theta blockchain.

7. Ziliqa:

Ziliqa is a smart contract blockchain platform that uses a hybrid of proof-of-work and practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus mechanisms. This blockchain is highly scalable, safe, secure, and environmentally sustainable. The network is powered by its native token, ZIL, which can also be used in staking to earn rewards on the network.


The digital currency industry is fast evolving and has put investors on edge regarding cryptocurrency investments. However, in this article, we discussed the newly launched MEMAG token, which is set to explode after the presale is complete by March. Also, we mentioned MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, TARO, and other profitable cryptos that you should consider buying in 2023.