How to invest in Cryptocurrency most Googled topic – study

The Internet’s most Googled investing question is “How do I invest in cryptocurrency?”.

This is according to a study done by Investing Reviews.

They did an analysis of thousands of investment-related search terms to see what is Googled the most.

The data indicated that the question is Googled on average 150,400 times every month around the world,” they said.

 The second most common phrase is “How can I start investing?” which receives an estimated 137,000 average monthly searches online.  

In third place is “How much should I invest when I start?” which is Googled 64,000 times a month on average. 

People also searched what they should be investing in at the moment, at fourth place, with 56,000 monthly searches.

Investing Reviews said that Investing in cryptocurrency is primarily done online through major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance.

“Usually, you will need to deposit some money, with different platforms requiring a different amount so make sure to do your research if you don’t want to deposit a larger sum, to begin with,” they said.

They advised that one should take some time to research which cryptocurrencies one would like to invest in.

This is because the cryptocurrency market can often be volatile and you should take caution before investing.