The 20 ETFs with the biggest outflows of May 2024

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Overall, ETFs took in record amounts of cash last month. But for some funds, investors sold in May and went away.

In May 2024, U.S. exchange-traded funds enjoyed a total net inflow of $87.1 billion — more than double their haul in April and a new record for the fifth month of the year. Bolstered by a rising stock market, U.S. equity ETFs raked in $48.3 billion — the most of any category. In a distant second place were taxable bond ETFs, which took in $25.9 billion.

But the news wasn’t all good. According to Morningstar Direct, sector equity ETFs suffered a net outflow of $2.2 billion, and commodity ETFS lost $233.5 million. A third, miscellaneous category lost $1.95 billion.

Which funds were the biggest losers? Scroll through the cardshow below to find out. All data is from Morningstar Direct and is current as of June 4, 2024.