Tom Brady Gives Major Post-Retirement Career Update

Just days after Tom Brady announced his retirement, for good this time, the forever GOAT NFL quarterback already has plans in place for the next phase of his career. While he will no longer be on the field, he is keeping the sports industry close to his heart.

Brady is slated to begin his sports broadcaster role at Fox Sports in 2024. ESPN reports that the quarterback originally agreed to join the network in May 2022 after his retirement. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, the New York Post previously reported that he had signed one of the most lucrative sports broadcasting deals in history with a 10-year, $375 million USD contract.

In an appearance on The Head With Colin Cowherd, Brady said his choice to push back his start in 2024 is “great for me.” He adds. “Take some time to really learn, be great at what I really want to do [and] become great at thinking about the opportunity and making sure I don’t rush into anything. I think when people really bet on me; one thing about my career — whether it’s when I was drafted with the Patriots or signing in free agency with the Bucs — I want to be fully committed and I never wanted to let people down. I think my biggest motivator was that.”

He also discussed how his retirement unfolded last week stating,

“For me, I know in my heart how I feel. I put it out on the field for 23 years and I’m super proud of what’s been accomplished. I just wanted to keep last week really short and sweet. I felt like I’ve given a lot, I’ve gained a lot, I’ve learned a lot, and life is about exciting things ahead, too.

“I’ve loved my time in football. It’s absolutely an incredible love in my life. It’s hard to make decisions like that, but it’s certainly the right time.”

In case you missed it, someone is selling sand from Tom Brady’s retirement announcement spot for nearly $100K USD.