Why right-wing populism should worry us all

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(RNS) — I love malapropisms.

My favorite: A number of years ago, a bar mitzvah kid was leading services from an earlier Reform prayer book, “Gates of Prayer.”

He was supposed to have read: “In a world torn by violence and pain …”

Instead, it came out of his mouth as: “In a world torn by violence and prayer …”

He got that right.

Meet my guest, Professor Marcia Pally. Professor Pally teaches at New York University and at Fordham University and held the Mercator Guest Professorship in the theology department at Humboldt University-Berlin, where she is an annual guest professor. Her latest book is “White Evangelicals and Right-wing Populism: How Did We Get Here?” We discuss her concerns about right-wing evangelical populism. Listen below.